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 DOH Red Orchid Awards 2012: And the winners are…

By: Jenelyn Ellie P. Ventura, RN, MAN

DOH-CHD 12 received the award with RD Marlyn W. Convocar, former RD Abdullah B. Dumama, Jr., Asec. Tayag, ARD Virgie Condez and the CHD teamFor the third time, the DOH-Center for Health Development SOCCSKSARGEN Region bagged the Red Orchid Award that put us in the Hall of Fame. Others may think that we are doing this for the sake of awards but we would like to tell the public that our department is very serious in implementing a 100% tobacco-free environment.


 Why Red Orchid? When the World Health Organization launched World No Tobacco Day in 1999, the world-renowned photographer Ashvin Gatha designed a symbol for its campaign, and this is the orchid in the ashtray which presents an alternative – life and flower instead of death and ash. In 2001, the orchid remains the symbol of a tobacco-free world, but the ashtray is gone. The WHO said that keeping the orchid reminds us that the campaign to end the tobacco epidemic is far from over.

Red Orchid Awards is a Search for 100% Tobacco-Free Centers for Health Development, Government Hospitals, Government Offices and Local Government Units. It follows the World Health Organization (WHO) FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON TOBACCO CONTROL that recommends adoption of measures to provide protection from exposure to smoke in indoor workplaces, public transport, indoor places, and other public places, as well as REPUBLIC ACT 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 that provides protection from exposure to tobacco smoke.

Moreover, the Department of Health (DOH) issued Administrative Order 2009-0010 on the COMPREHENSIVE 100% SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT POLICY which calls on the absolute smoking ban in DOH offices, hospitals and attached agencies and engaging local government units to do the same in their health facilities and other public places, while the Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 17 in 2010 on SMOKING PROHIBITION BASED ON THE 100% SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT POLICY in all government agencies. Also, LTFRB MC 2009-0036 requires a 100% Smokefree Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) and Public Land Transportation Terminals and the Department of Education issued DepEd order No. 73 or “Smoking Ban in Public Schools”.

It is necessary to fully implement tobacco-free laws and policies in the country to protect the population, especially the youth who are the targets of the tobacco industry, from the harmful effects of tobacco use and exposure.

And for this year, SOCCSKSARGEN Region nominees get the awards per category, as follows:

Center for Health Development:

SOCCSKSARGEN Region – Red Orchid Award ( 3rd time winner)

 DOH-CHD 12 received the award with RD Marlyn W. Convocar,
former RD Abdullah B. Dumama, Jr., Asec. Tayag, ARD Virgie Condez and the CHD team



Government Hospital:

Cotabato Regional and Medical Center – Red Orchid Award ( 2nd time winner)

   Cotabato Regional and Medical Center
Cotabato Regional and Medical Center headed by
Dr. Helen Yambao – Chief of Hospital and CHD team



Local Government Unit:

  •  Alamada, Cotabato Province – Red Orchid Award (2nd time winner)
   LGU Alamada


  LGU Alamada received the award with Dok Bandala and the CHD team


  •  Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat - Red Orchid Award
   LGU Esperanza


  LGU Esperanza headed by Mayor Latog and staff received the award with CHD team


  •  Tantangan, South Cotabato - Red Orchid Award (2nd time winner)
   LGU Tantangan


  Mayor Garingo and staff of Tantangan LGU with CHD team


  •  Tupi, South Cotabato - Red Orchid Award
   LGU Tupi


  Kagawad Hatulan and staff from LGU Tupi, South Cotabato with CHD team
  •  Kidapawan City – Pink Orchid Award

 Government Office:

68th IB “Kaagapay” 2ID PA (AFP) - Red Orchid Award

   68th IB


   Col. Torelavega of 2nd ID received the award in behalf of 68th IB "Kaagapay" of Mlang, Cotabato with the CHD team


Let us continue working hand-in-hand to have a “SMOKE-FREE SOCCSKSARGEN”.





Today is

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Regional Director

Teogenes F. Baluma

Teogenes F. Baluma, MD,MHA, MDM,FPCHA,CESO III