phic-nhtsFinancial Risk Protection

Financial risk protection through expansion in NHIP enrollment and benefit delivery - the poor are to be protected from the financial impacts of health care use by improving the benefit delivery ratio of the NHIP.

 Financial risk protection through improvements in NHIP benefit delivery shall be achieved by:

1. Redirecting PhilHealth operations towards the improvement of the national and regional benefit delivery ratios;

2. Expanding enrolment of the poor in the NHIP to improve population coverage;

3. Promoting the availment of quality outpatient and inpatient services at accreditedfacilities through reformed capitation and no balance billing arrangements for  sponsored members, respectively;

4. Increasing the support value of health insurance through the use of information technology upgrades to accelerate PhilHealth claims processing, etc.; and

5. A continuing study to determine the segments of the population to be covered for specific range of services and the proportion of the total cost to be covered/supported.


Today is

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Regional Director

Teogenes F. Baluma

Teogenes F. Baluma, MD,MHA, MDM,FPCHA,CESO III